Cashew and Lime Cream Dessert w/ Spicy Agave Sauce

Cashew and Lime Cream Dessert with Spciy Agave Sauce is a terrifc soy-free and vegan spring dessert

This fairly simple and quick recipe makes a great tasting dessert. This dessert is perfect for spring and summer.

Portfolio – sscape music

sscape music – a project based soundscape world “sscape music” draws and creates music from classical – experiement – rock – pop – and other genres.  The aim is to create music that is engaging and rewarding and also serves as useful background music.  sscape to their world of soundscapes. Site Features: mostly global audio player minimalist loads … Continue reading Portfolio – sscape music

Cashew and Chocolate Dessert Loaf

cashew dessertscape

Three layers of cashew creamy filling, one cashew flavored, one chocolate flavored, one vanilla flavored. Each layer divided by either a chocolate crumble or a coconut, oatmeal and cashew topping.

What Design is Right for Your Clients and for Your Company?

Determine the Right Web Design for You

Summary: There is one basic step to determining what design is right for you: articulate and prioritize your web goals.  There are two basic approaches to web design:  designing by preference and designing for specific goals.  Visitors generally prefer a design that caters to their experience and does not contradict (in a negative way) their expecations. … Continue reading What Design is Right for Your Clients and for Your Company?

Cashew and Garbanzo Salad, with Tangy Peanut Sauce


Fresh tasting salad that will fill you up without weighing you down. This salad ought to give you a good stable source of energy for quite awhile. A great lunch or earlyish dinner idea.