Building phase of KB Webscapes web design

My Process – Build


The building stage of the process is designed to organize all of the information gathered during the research phase and translate it into a design.  Once the design is complete we’ll move onto the implementation of the design and actually code your website.

Steps During the Building Phase of the Project

  1. Design Mockups
  2. Code the Site

Step 1.  Design Mockups

The design stage translates the research I’ve done into design mock-ups.  During this stage I will be passing off mockup’s (most likely in .jpg format) for your review.

The design stage covers the functionality of your site as well.  Functionality includes both the tasks you and your visitors will be doing, and determining the right programming for your site.

We will be touching base to finalize the design before the project leaves the design stage.

Step 2.  Code the Site

Once the design is agreed upon I will set up a test site.  I will then take the design and turn it into a website.  During the coding stage there will be some back and forth as your site is constructed.

Coding is the implementation stage of your project.  At this point the design is set.

You will be given access to the test site.  There are times when interacting with the live site gives insight to make something better.  For times like that it is best to catch them early on.

When your site is coded it will be time to move on to the testing phase of your project.