Overview of web design process by KB Webscapes

My Process

What to Expect While Your Website is Being Created

If you have never been a part of creating a website, you might not know what to expect.

What you might expect to experience during the whole process will differ depending on your level of involvement in the project.

For instance, you might be surprised at the level of details accounted for.

A lot of people, even those familiar with the process, experience fatigue as the project draws closer to launch.

Especially when there is a good amount of content to be written for the site, it is normal to just want the whole thing to be over.

Getting a website can be exciting.  Many people find a renewed or increased sense of motivation for their project.

Four Steps to Project Launch

There are primarily four steps from the beginning to the end of my web design projects.  These four steps are research, building, testing and launching.   A lot of stuff happens during each of the steps which I cover in more detail on their respective page.  On this page I am providing an overview of the project start to finish.

Research Overview

During the research phase I gather all of the information I need in order to provide you with an effective web design.  I will learn your goals for the project, your clients, your industry, your company etc.

Building Overview

The building stage spans from the design to the coding.    We’ll be touching base through the design portion and the coding portion.

Testing Overview

There are tests that can be run from the beginning to the end of the whole web design project.  I mark this stage for testing your site in various browsers and devices.

Launching Overview

After all the hard work we’ll be ready to take your site live.  This stage can be a final checkpoint as well to get things like social media and analytics taken care.