My Websites are Mobile Responsive

My Websites are Mobile Responsive


With ever increasing quantities of visits from mobile and tablet devices, most any website should cater to mobile users.  The degree to which a site needs to be mobile responsive will vary from site to site.

Your Site Should Be Mobile Responsive

Your site should be mobile responsive as part of your broader client focused approach to your website.  There are benefits both to your clients and you that come with having a mobile responsive site.  For your clients you are continuing to make their lives easier, fulfilling their expectations and giving them greater convenience and access to what you offer.  The main benefit of a mobile responsive site is giving your clients a positive user experience which encourages engagement.

Of lesser importance, search engines are now distributing penalties to sites that are not mobile friendly.  This penalty is of lesser importance at the moment because it is a very small penalty that impacts an extremely small portion of the web.  The criteria will most likely impact more of the web as time goes on.

While you should not ignore search engine ranking factors what is of most importance is connecting with your clients.  Your site should load quickly and be intuitively designed for your mobile visitors.

Put it Into Practice:

Consider a few pages on your site.
What will people be visiting them for?
What is the essential content that mobile visitors would need?

Consider a few of your own mobile visits on websites.
What are some of the problems you encountered?
What are some of the things you liked about them?

How Much Web Traffic Comes From Mobile and Tablet Devices

Across the web, depending on which statistics you look at, at least around half of all web traffic came from mobile devices in 2014. In theory if your site is not mobile responsive you are not connecting with potentially half of your clients.

What is the Additional Cost of Mobile Accommodations to Your Site?

Pricing will vary according to the content and the needs of your visitors. Some mobile sites require far more time and consideration than others.  There are also distinct options such as building a separate site or building a responsive design.

In general the additional cost of mobile responsivity for a typical site could range from $1,000 and up.  In some cases it could be considerably more or less.

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