I Take Care to Make High Quality Web Sites

My Websites are Quality Work


Starting with research I strive to create a great website for your clients and you.  I make a point to code with best practices in mind.  I approach your site with an eye on scalability.

What Makes a Website Good Quality for Your Visitors?

Call to mind a favorite website or two.  Now think of what it is about those sites that you like.  How much of your positive experience is a result of what’s on the site, how much is a result of the design?

Now think of the people visiting your site and consider what would need to happen in order for them to leave your site with a similar experience.

There are many qualities that total to a good user experience.

Qualities like:

  • Good search functionality
  • Content structured for the web
  • Simple and familiar design
  • Easy to find what visitors are looking for
  • Fast Loading

Research Improves the Quality of Your Website For Your Visitors and You

Your project should be designed specifically for your clients and you.  Who you are, who your visitors are, the others in your industry,  should influence the final design.  In fact, the answers to these questions, and other questions, offer the beginning blueprints for your site design and function.

Maintaining and developing brand consistency and identity are key components of quality web work.  Your site is your brand online.

Quality web work will work to achieve industry distinction for your company to your clients.  Don’t get lost in the sea of companies with a cookie cutter site.  Get a site tailored to your visitors needs and your company.

Give your visitors a great user experience. This means navigation structure, calls to action, related content, load time etc. will all be situated to accommodate your visitors.

The backend of your site should be designed to give you the greatest ease of use.  It should be simple for you to update your site.  It is often the case that more than one person will be updating a site.  The backend of your site should be simple and intuitive so that you can quickly bring others up to speed.

Utilizing the findings of experts in various fields in the web industry can increase the effectiveness of your website.  On my ‘Benefits‘ page I list a few of the experts I pay attention to.

Coding With Best Practices in Mind Benefits You, Your Clients and Me

For all the different coding languages I use, I code with best practices in mind.  I do this to ensure solid work and to avoid headaches down the road.

For some of my sites I have used and will use plugins even if they have some validation errors.  These are cases where performance will not be compromised.

Coding with best practices benefits your visitors, you and me by ensuring as much as one is able to that, your site will not just work, but will work well.

Scalability of Your Site

Your site should be built with an eye on what’s coming down the road.  Will you be adding new things, removing old things?  Your site should be built so that structural changes can be accommodated without a complete redesign, as much as possible.

Coding and designing with an eye on scalability is a time saving practice for you and me.

Ready to get a good quality website?  Get a Consult.

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