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Masoner Family Photographers review KB Webscapes

We at Masoner Family Photography are glad that Kirk Brown designed our website and recommend his services.  When the time came for us to design a website we entertained the idea of designing the website ourselves on one of those self-design sites that are prevalent.  I am so glad we did not use one of those sites.

We had many ideas about how we wanted our site to look and the features we wanted, most of which would not showcase our work or drive traffic to our site as our current design does.  Our ideas would have made for a user unfriendly site and our work would have been lost amongst an “artsy” and cluttered presentation.  Mr. Brown listened to our ideas and then educated us in areas about website design we never considered or even knew about.

He researched the photography websites that received the most web traffic and received the most internet hits to use their services.  He presented the outcome of his research, directed us to the sites so we could see their layouts, and informed us so we could make sound decisions.

Had we ventured into the design on our own we would have designed a website similar to ones that received the lower number of hits.  He never pushed us in one direction or another but always provided us with the information necessary to make informed decisions.

He explained to us the features of a site that increased traffic and we followed his recommendations.  After the initial design he consulted with other web designers and sought their feedback on the design.  We ran focus groups composed of potential consumers, photographers, and artists and listened to their feedback.

We discussed the feedback we received and made changes that made the most sense to accomplish our goals for the website.  It was a lot of work but with his guidance and feedback we now have a site we are proud of and we have received a large number of complementary comments about its visual appeal and ease of use.

Working with Mr. Brown also caused us to think deeply about the services we provide and how we provide them.  We altered some of our thoughts and practices about our service which has netted some very positive outcomes.  Again we have received a large number of positive comments from visitors to our site.  Mr. Brown facilitated a team effort in the design of our website.  He listened, discussed, researched, educated us, and was supportive of the work that resulted in a beautiful website.

After the website was launched there were some glitches that are bound to happen with any website design and he quickly and efficiently fixed every one.  An added bonus was that he became a fan of our photography work!  He guided us through the process of setting up a domain name and obtaining an efficient web service.

The result has been a weekly increase in internet attention after the launch of our site and an increase in inquiries about our photography services.  We highly recommend Mr. Brown!