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Web Design for Animal Welfare Organizations

Web Design for Animal Welfare Organizations

I strongly support organizations devoted to the welfare of animals.  Time and money seem to regularly be obstacles to the web needs of many animal welfare organizations, I can help with that.  I think of animal welfare organizations as a broadly inclusive term.  Animal sanctuaries, rescues, clothing, food etc. all these kinds of companies and more fall under this category the way I use it on this site.

What Animal Welfare Organizations Need From a Website

From animal sanctuaries and rescue agencies, to informational groups, there are a ton of different organizations devoted to animal welfare.  Each one will be different in particular goals but when it comes to what they need from a website most will share some overlapping needs.

Commonly they need to allow their visitors to:

  • Financially support them
  • Learn more
  • Get involved

The ability to efficiently manage your website is another need common to most website owners.

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a good example of a website that allows many layers of the organization to be accessible at a given time.

Websites for Animal Welfare Organizations  Need to Allow Their Visitors to Financially Support Them

Whether it is placing an order at the local vegan restaurant, getting some Airseal Boots from Vegetarian Shoes, purchasing a new book or magazine, donating to the most recent rescue at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge or any one of the many organizations devoted to animal welfare, you need your visitors to financial support.

If it were only as simple as adding a donate link or a buy button.  There can be a number of steps between the person who wants to support you and you getting their support.  A lot of people need a little more information before they are willing to donate to a good cause.  People can’t order from your restaurant if they can’t find you or don’t know you exist or can’t find your contact info.  Questions of user experience and traffic flow are addressed by user focused design and credibility.

User focused design will place the right call to action (CTA) in the right place.  For instance, if someone needs to learn more, a good place for a call to action is after they have and are ready to take the next step.  The opposite of this would be websites that have a pop-up sign-up of basically any sort for first time visitors to a new site (don’t do this if you are focusing on creating a positive user experience).  The use of mobile devices has increased tremendously over the years and many websites devoted to animal welfare are not responsive to this development.

Credibility goes far on the web.  There are many things that help users identify credibility on a website.  Things like an about page, contact information and outbound links to authority sites to name a few.  For the interested visitor, being able to find out where the money goes is important.

When it comes to donations one good practice is to make it easy to find and understand where donated money goes.

Websites for Animal Welfare Organizations Need to Allow Their Visitors to Learn More

One of the Exotic Cats Rescued by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
One of the Exotic Cats Rescued by Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. A terrific organization that provides refuge for “abandoned, abused, and neglected ‘Big Cats’ with emphasis on Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and Cougars.”

Aside from the visitors who are looking to quickly donate, many visitors will want to learn more.  There are a lot of options that will connect your visitors with the information they are looking for.  Facts about use of money, facts about the issue/s, events, newsletters, restaurant menus and blogs are a few examples of ways to provide information to the visitor that wants to dig a little deeper.

As has been beaten into the ground all over this site, the key is to provide the content they are looking for and make it easy to find.

Photo galleries are a useful tool to quickly show how much better off the animals are in your care and thanks to your visitors efforts.

PDF menus are not a fantastic solution for mobile users.  Having a menu only available in PDF form creates an additional step for you and for your visitors.  When you need to update your menu you need to start with the PDF.  I can help you simplify this by removing the step and allowing you to directly edit your menu on your website.  For your visitors this means that they don’t have to download a PDF then wait to open it, then decide what they want and then return to your site.  Instead, they just click on the lunch menu page and have everything immediately available.

Websites for Animal Welfare Organizations Need to Allow Their Visitors to Get Involved

Now that your visitors have all the information they wanted they are ready to get involved, what should they do?  Can they help with your organization, how can they do that?

This line of questioning reinforces the importance of establishing and articulating your web goals at the outset.  When your goals are set, the design and function of your website address the stages and path that your visitor is on.  This way, when they are ready to take the next step they know where and how.

Sometimes a phone number is what people are looking for.  Other times is a finely constructed volunteer form.  Other times still, a donate option is the destination for some visitors.

Why I Have a Focus on Web Design for Animal Welfare Organizations

In my twenties I was brought up to speed on the terrible lives and horrible deaths of many animals and why these things continue.  I spent many hours looking into these grim topics.  One of the side things that I found was a plethora of websites that could use a little sprucing up.

Web design for animal welfare organizations is another way that I can work for things that are important to me.

The main obstacles to websites for animal welfare organizations seem to be time and money.  I can help save you time with a website that is easy to update and manage.  I am currently offering discounted pricing on web design for animal welfare organizations.

I can help save you time by creating a website crafted to your needs.  The back end of your site (where you’ll manage it) will be tuned specifically around the tasks that you’ll be performing.