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Web Design for Charitable Organizations

Designing websites for charitable organizations is a way that I can support the good work they do for the communities they serve.  Charitable organizations are not necessarily exclusively non-profit organizations.  Charitable organizations present unique considerations when it comes to web design.

What Charitable Organizations Need From a Website

Charitable organizations come in all shapes and sizes.  While they will have different particular needs depending on the organization, goals and the mission they will have some basic needs in common

  • Goal driven design
  • Connect their visitors with what they are offering
  • Allow their visitors to get involved
  • Allow their visitors to learn more or participate in a community

Charitable Organizations Need Goal Driven Design

Goal driven design means a design that creates a bridge between visitors and the goals of the charity.

Pitched as “a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally,” Amnesty International has a website that does a great job embodying what I mean by a goal driven website.  Their website is massive in depth but has managed to limit their navigation to six links.  Throughout their site they make it exceptionally easy to learn more, get involved at various levels about a wide variety of different things and see positive results.  From a design perspective they make a great use of icons and white space.  The mobile version of their site is also done well.

Another example would be the American Red Cross.  This is another very large website that remains quite easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

A final example would be the UNICEF website.  They have a highly navigable site with a vast amount of content.

Web Sites for Charitable Organizations Need to Connect Their Visitors With What They are Offering

A website for a charitable organization serves many purposes, one of which is to connect their visitors to what they are offering.  Whether it’s a long term cause or a short term mission a user experience focused website can help make that connection.

Web Sites for Charitable Organizations Need to Allow Their Visitors to Get Involved

Whether it’s volunteer work or donations, websites for charitable organizations need to make it easy for their visitors to get involved.  Easy will mean different things to different visitors.

Some visitors will be ready to get involved as soon as they visit the site, these visitors will simply need a link to get involved.  Other visitors will be mostly ready to get involved but will need a little more info.  There will also be some visitors with a higher degree of uncertainty that will require even more information.

A well designed website will anticipate and accommodate for varying attention spans, interest and levels of uncertainty.

Websites for Charitable Organizations Need to Allow Their Visitors to Learn More or Participate in a Community

Charitable organizations will have some visitors who are involved and want to know more.  They may want to know more about the organization, or the mission.  They may want this information for themselves or to be able to pass this information along.

Charitable organizations will also have visitors who are already involved but want to participate even more.  In any of these cases a well designed website will make it easy for their visitors to succeed in what they are trying to accomplish with the organization.

Why I Have a Focus on Web Design for Charitable Organizations

I want to support those people and groups that work to do good in the world.  I can help by offering discounted web design services.  Lending a hand to those in need is something that I grew up with and surrounds me now.

I consider companies that support charitable organizations to be charitable organizations even if the main focus of their company is not “charity” per se.